Avaya BK Filing

Hope is in sight for telecom leader Avaya as creditors cut a whopping 3 Billion from its debt leaving yet another 3.3 billion to deal with


IP Office 500

The Cadillac of VoIP servers is the Avaya Office IP 500. No tech wants what happened to the Nortel Compact or Modular ICS. They filed BK, Avaya snatched them up, integrated Norstar phones to the IP office and discontinues the PBX that for years was a favorite amongst Telephone system repair people like myself
Grandstream Voip Phone System

Avaya SIP Server and Phones


I can describe the Office 500 in one word. Scalability! A system that easily expands to 2000 work stations across 32 locations. Built in Voice mail and multiple auto attendants so multiple departments are able to distribute calls efficiently. Defiantly one of my all time favorite telephone systems. The office 500 can act as a sip server or can be used in conjunction with plain old telephone service or as a stand alone analog voice server with digital extensions

Avaya Features

Caller ID

Call Coverage

Embedded Voice Mail

Remote Access

Auto Attendant

Ring Back when Free

Free Support

Fire Wall

Voice Mail To Email

Hot Desking

Conference Calls

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Avaya Programming

With the Avaya Manager a web configuration is built into the server. Having the manager on a PC is very helpful for uploading several changes at once

Programming the Avaya Office Platform is a breeze

SIP or Analog

You may program SIP Trunks or Analog Trunks or both. I have programmed Avaya to have triple redundancy from SIP on a Cable Internet Connection to Bonded PRI To Analog trunks. Many features you think are the telephone system are not the telephone system at all but features the SIP Trunk and are provided by the VoIP Carrier you have chosen for your back bone

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