Panasonic Telephone System Repair

I had a service call to a customer with a Panasonic KX-TD816.



When there are no lights on at all. Right away as a phone system repair tech, I know its a super easy fix, or, repair is going to be impossible. With most Panasonic phone systems there is a reset button but not on this model. There are however two glass fuses under the cover and if its not the power cord or UPS that popped, hopefully the fuses cough whatever power surge got to the system. This is exactly why I tell my customers to use a UPS.

panasonic door phone repair

Not only will the system stay on in the event of a power failure, but, it will protect the extremely valuable asset you invested in hopefully years ago and for years to come


Panasonic Voice Mail System Repair

panasonic door phone repair

Panasonic TDA50 and a Panasonic TVA 50. TDA is the phone system and the TVA is the voice Mail. May I first of all say that you should never let your tech change the default password on your system unless they leave you with it. It is your system not theirs and I see phone guys disappear all the time. Go out of business because they just cant manage to make a go of it.

Telephone System Repair
in September 2017

Telephone systems should have a UPS. This Panasonic Telephone System wasn't so lucky. The surge killed it and I had to order a new Panasonic system. The client only had one telephone line so going with just a simple analog telephone would have been the best thing to do, but, the gate has a telephone entry system and someone had repaired it with the guts of a Panasonic door phone which is propitiatory to a Panasonic system. They simply took two wires, connected them to the intercom button, then, connected them to the board of the Panasonic door phone where the button is. All one has to do is momentary short out the contacts and the system phones ring. Personally I don't think I would consider this to be a permanent solution, but someone did, and I have to commend their creativity as I've only seen this once before in twenty five years. It rings in as a intercom call. I was able to Save the door card from the old phone system and the eight telephone expansion card. The Panasonic 816 comes out of the box, four lines, by, eight extensions. Meaning four telephone lines by eight telephones. I was also able to save the eight phone expansion card too

Panasonic KX-TD816 list of features

  • Four Lines by Eight Extensions
  • Conference Calling
  • Bilingual Display (MOH)
  • Back Ground Music
  • Group Buttons
  • Direct Inward Dial
  • Music Over Page
  • Hotel Application
  • Outside Line Group
  • Paralleled Telephone
  • Secret Dialing
  • Station Hunting


Panasonic TDA and TVA System Repair Sept 2017

This System had the Default Password Changed and nobody knew what it was Fortunately one reason for the call was the message light wouldn't go out after all the messages were deleted from the voice mail box. A simple box reset and no password needed for that part of it. The second part of the repair was they needed a door box installed and programmed Panasonic Password Reset is pretty straight forward but a little time consuming. I had to remove the SD card from the unit and email it to Panasonic with my tech ID and Dealer ID and a letter from the client giving Panasonic permission to break the password. Tier two support has to do it and email the reset file back to me. Its good to be a certified Panasonic Dealer because if your not, they will not help you. I'm pretty sure you cant even get through to support without a tech ID.

Panasonic Programming

Many of the old Panasonic phone systems take a long time to program as its mainly done through the handset. A programming overlay is placed over a system phone because the buttons have a different function other than what's on the phone originally

Phone System Wiring Repair

As a telephone system repair tech I see some pretty bad wiring jobs, just like the one to the left. So many people ask me to clean up the mess of wires that has grown and grown over the years that doing that is not going to be a simple task by the time I get there. I hate having to leave wiring like that behind amongst my beautiful workmanship. The best thing to do is look at the wiring before the repair person leaves and if it looks bad ask questions and make sure its the3 very best job that can be done in




Panasonic Password Reset


It only took a couple hours total to get the password reset and in the time I was waiting for Panasonic to do what they needed to do on their end I was able to run the door phone wiring and get it ready to program, It actually worked out to be timed perfect.

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