Phone System Move

This NEC DSX 40 I moved to a new office building in the San Fernando Valley. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) telephone lines. I provided the cut through for the alarm system and i had to .

Telephone System Relocation


get another Phone System out of the way but was a pretty easy job as both Telephone Systems used single pair cross connect to the telephones so I didn't have to re wire any of the phone jacks.

Telephone System Replacement With Paging System



Telephone System Relocation
in August 2017

Relocation of a customer’s NEC DSX-40 Telephone System. Programmed to ring on all phones, if no one answered, or they missed the call that was the end of it. It was originally installed and left with the default settings. I found out what their needs were and reprogrammed the system (with their permission ) in a way that fit their needs. I programmed the phone systems built in Auto Attendant to pick up after the 5th ring and let the caller enter an extension number or zero for the receptionist. If the extension did not pick up I had it automatically go to the analog port where I had a PC ( actually one they had laying around because it was old and obsolete But not for this) with a inexpensive voice mail program email the voicemail message to the person it was intended for. I used the same pc for the music on hold. Sounds expensive but it only took about 2 and a half hours from first change to last test.

NEC DSX Features

  • Built In Auto Attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Built In Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Conference Calling
  • External | Overhead Paging
  • Unattended Call Distribution
  • Cordless Dect 6 Phones
  • VoIP
  • Home Automation
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phones
  • 4 Lines by 8 Extensions out of the box
  • 2 Door Phone Ports and Built In Door Relays


Music On Hold

My customer didn't know that the NEC DSX has a built in Music On Hold or you can plug in a old phone or IPod for a music player.

External Paging

With the external Page Port I was able to get the overhead paging to work. Unfortunately they didn't have a horn in the warehouse, just Powered Ceiling Speakers. We ordered a Volcom horn kit from Teledynamics for about $80 it comes with a power supply. Ill come back and install it next week and that will be the end of the NEC installation

Spectrum digital phone lines

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Telephone System Move

This was a NEC DSX I Relocated
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