Video Surveillance

Surveillance system technology has grown in leaps and bounds the last 5 years. IP Cameras with 12-megapixels resolution, High definition CCTV Cameras that broadcast over RG59 Coax. Upgrading your home security camera system doesn't have to be a huge project. TVI, AHD Video cameras are able to send 1080p over existing RG59 making the cost of upgrading a fraction of what the original installation. .

Custom CCTV Installation

We install Hidden Cameras, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) IP Cameras, Pinhole Cameras. If they don't make a camera for your need we will come up with a way to do it and be successful. .


Security Camera Repair and Installation

Your Security Cameras may not be the backbone of your company like your telephone system is, but for many of our customers it is an equally important component. We do more than just repair downed camera systems. We install new camera systems, relocate existing CCTV systems, Expand and upgrade consult on technologies that will fit your needs best. Not just for today but far into the future. You may want to buy that cool kit but its SDI. Who would know that SDI Camera technology is like the fight between HD DVD and Blue Ray. SDI Being the HD DVD loser. With CCTV Security Cameras the sky is the limit as far as cost, resolution and all the other choices that go into the decision. We are familiar with every aspect of CCTV. The cameras, lenses in the cameras, how sensitive to light (LUX) back light (WDR) iris, night vision, DVRs, NVRs, TVI, SDI, IP, ONVIF each and every acronym that makes it a fit or not. You may have a hundred-dollar camera that doesn’t have the 4 other acronyms you need but the 69-dollar camera does. Let us help with the decision you will not regret it.

  • Pelco
  • Bosch
  • Eastern
  • LTS
  • Lorex
  • Swann
  • Qsee
  • Amcrest
  • Luma
  • Grandstream
  • Hik Vision

We can recommend the best set up for your situation while keeping your budget in mind. There are many off the shelf complete packages that will fit many situations or custom solutions for needs that go beyond the cookie cutter packages that do not offer a variety of lenses, resolutions day, night and lighting situations that apply to your specific needs. we have the experience and knowledge to help you fit your actual needs. I have a client who sprayed his brand new video Doorking with a garden hose and fried the camera. Instead of installing the original 420 tv line analog camera from Doorking $500, I installed a tiny 1000 tv line camera $60. It’s been about seven or eight years now and that thing is still going. I don’t think he has pointed the hose at it since. I put the same one in a Viking door intercom and got the best close up of a burglar prying a door open with a crowbar you have ever seen

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Telephone System Repair .Com servicing Los Angeles for over 25 years. We Install, repair Telephone systems, Door and Gate Intercoms, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Cameras.

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Quality of service is our number one focus. Following through with a set of divers skills developed over years of work experience and continuing education is what we bring to the table . Our customers have grown accustom to the superior workmanship we provide. Telephone System Repair .Com is the last Telecommunications company you will put in your contact list .

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