Phone System Repair

This was an emergency Telephone System Repair .

Telephone System Repair Los Angeles


The Mitel SX-200 that is a great hospitality solution was actually being used for a large phone room of telemarketers. The phone system seemed to be down,but, all the extension worked, The phone system would intercom from phone to phone. If you look at the image below, you can plainly see there are no lights at all on the T1 card to the right of the orange fiber links that link the back boards

Telephone System Repair



Telephone System Repair
in July 2017

Telephone System Repair is a funny thing at times. You think its the system when its actually just the guy who built it in the first place simply not seating a card properly. This system had run for years with a improperly seated card and it had finally had enough and just stopped providing continuity. They are lucky it didn't fry a component. Loose electrical components get hot and can often burn up, especially as T1 card. They run at 90 volts. It took me an hour to get to this guy in traffic, just to push in a card, I have a client for life now as I'm always fair and honest no matter what.

Mitel SX-200

  • 150 Desk top stations
  • 100 IP Phones
  • 1 Paging port
  • 2 Door Relays
  • 2 USB Ports
  • DHCP Server
  • 4 Voice Mail Ports
  • VoIP
  • G711 and G729 Codec
  • Music On Hold
  • Record Calls
  • Uniform Call Distribution
. Mitel Web Site


Mitel Programming

Mitel Programming is just like any other system. The more experience you have with it the easier it gets. Still programming any system


can be cumbersome if you don't have the logic behind what's going on and how it flows. Take for instance the difference between Nortel and Panasonic. Panasonic lines are all in order where Nortel has reserved some of the first line positions for a T1 or PRI. If you have more than four analog lines it jumps from four to twenty eight. If you didn't know that you could be in a world of hurt changing things


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