Telephone System Repair

We are a factory certified telephone system repair company In Los Angeles and authorized dealer for many name brand business phone systems. We Service

  • Panasonic
  • Avaya
  • Nortel
  • N.E.C.
  • Merlin
  • Meridian
  • X Blue
  • Grandstream
  • Yealink
  • Polycom

Panasonic 624

This phone system was dead because every telephone repair man who worked on the it just did what the last guy did(Shoddy work). I mean really, Black tape on a phone system. We replaced it with a new Panasonic 824 so he could keep his phones, door intercom and relay. Instead of calling a new phone guy every 6 months to repair the system, we get a Holiday Card every year for the last 8. Click on the arrows to see the new phone system

Telephone System Services

We are not the cheapest telephone system repair service in Los Angeles. We are by far not the most expensive. When we show up at the door you are getting years of telecommunications and information technology experience that by far out weighs our competitors. When we repair, install or relocate your phone system we give you a 2 year warranty on all our labor and the manufacture warranty on all parts. We have experience with Plain old Telephone Service (POTS/Analog) T1s, Fractional T1s, Bonded T1s, Ethernet over Copper, Fiber, Line of Sight Wireless, VoIP with double even triple redundancy and fail over to POTS or Cellular. We can help you with the simplest of phone system needs or reorganise your communications from top to bottom. We can help you with service providers, porting lines, getting better rates, choosing the best technology to fit your needs for today and far into the future. If that isn't enough we do it all for a reasonable rate and stand by our service.

Some of the services we provide are

  • Telephone System Repair
  • Telephone Network Cabling
  • Telephone System Relocation / Moving
  • Phone System Programming
  • Telephone Jack Installation
  • Phone Line Repair
  • Fiber Cable Installation
  • Video Conferencing SIP, Digital or Analog
  • Hosted (Cloud) PBX Installation and Programming
  • VoIP Server Setup and Programming
  • Sip Trunk Registration and Trouble Shooting
  • VoIP as low as 2 cents a minuet or lower

Telephone System Relocation Services

We provide telephone system relocation services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. If your new office is already cabled for a telephone system we can perform the cross connects and jump your phone lines from the phone room into the new office in no time at all. We can install a single telephone jack or cable your office with phone jacks for your telephone system if that's what you need. We cannot warranty your existing phone wires but can offer an honest opinion of their current condition. In the end its all up to you.

Call us today for a free estimate on phone system installation, relocation or cabling. Also we provide a free service call when you choose us to do a repair.

The Best Phone System Repair Service

Problems with your Telephone System can be traced back to a multitude of different things. This is a detailed orientated industry and in the end it is the details that count.

When we install your business phone system we give you a 2 year warranty on our labor.

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We have straightened out problem phone systems from mom and pop stores to fortune 500 system racks you can barley see the equipment behind the incredible mess of Ethernet and telephone wires
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We Don't let the previous tech set the standard of workmanship because that's usually why we are there in the first place

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Telephone System Repair .Com servicing Los Angeles for over 25 years. We Install, repair Telephone systems, Door and Gate Intercoms, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Cameras.

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Best Phone System Repair Company In Los Angeles

Quality of service is our number one focus. Following through with a set of divers skills developed over years of work experience and continuing education is what we bring to the table . Our customers have grown accustom to the superior workmanship we provide. Telephone System Repair .Com is the last Telecommunications company you will put in your contact list .

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