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Phone system repair is not the only thing we do. We Install new telephone systems, move telephone systems from your old office to your new office and if there are no phone jacs or cabling we will cable it with telephone jacks and Ethernet jacks for voice and data. We provide telephone jack installation, and, repair inside telephone wiring services that the phone company provides and provide the kind of cabling and telephone jack installation they won't or can't. If your phone line is dead we can determine if it's a problem with your wiring or if it's the local phone companies problem. We repair and install Access Control | Telephone Entry Systems both commercial and residential. We can integrate Telephone Entry Systems with CCTV Security Camera Systems and create a Database of all the door or gate transactions with video logs of everyone coming and going with time stamp and identification number. The list goes on and on. If it has a cup and wires or either or, we fix it, install it or move it.


Phone System

NEC, Panasonic, Nortel, Avaya, Grandstream, Lucent Partner, Astra, Multi Tech, Comdial, Meridian, Tie, X Blue

Phone System Repair

Telephone Entry

Keri Systems, Doorking, Viking, Elite Gates, ZK Access, Ring, August, HID Global, AWID, NXP, Linear, BMA, NuTone

Telephone Entry Repair

Security Cameras

Bosch, Pelco, Hik Vision, Swann, Q See, Lorex, LT Security,Eastern CCTC, ActionTech, Samsung, Panasonic, Grandstream, .

Security Camera CCTV

Inside Wiring

When others say it cant be repaired, call us and we will repair it. We offer a free service call with repair.

Phone Wiring Repair

VOIP Telephone System Repair

We provide a free service call with repair. Most phone system down calls are not as serious as you think and can be repaired on the spot same day. More times than not we can get the system back up and running within an hour. We install new systems provided by you or us. We relocate existing phone systems both business and residential, and we perform repair services to your system or phone lines. Need a telephone jack, NO problem. No job to big or small. More

We repair Telephone Entry Systems at apartment buildings, Homes and Commercial buildings. From Simple Phone Entrance to Full Access Control for a commercial building with multiple gates, doors, floors integrated with camera systems, even elevators. Key fobs, Cards, Biometrics. We can grant you access to your home or building again in no time at all.


We install and repair CCTV security camera networks and their DVRs / NVRs. We have been providing this service since the day of the VCR. Since our background is in information technology, remote viewing on your phone or PC is second nature to us.

If your telephone system is down and in need of a repair service we can be there quickly to get you back up communicating in no time at all. Scratchy lines, down voice mail even voip services.
If your in need of someone to replace your current technology with something newer or maybe something simple is what you need. Call us for a free consultation we are happy to help.
We install new telephone systems. Systems you purchased online or through us, it's up to you. These days it is not uncommon for clients to find a better deal online that we can provide and we are happy to help you as long as it fits your needs.

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Telephone System Repair .Com servicing Los Angeles for over 25 years. We Install, repair Telephone systems, Door and Gate Intercoms, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Cameras.

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Quality of service is our number one focus. Following through with a set of divers skills developed over years of work experience and continuing education is what we bring to the table . Our customers have grown accustom to the superior workmanship we provide. Telephone System Repair .Com is the last Telecommunications company you will put in your contact list .

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