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Panasonic has always been one of my favorite telephone systems. A very popular choice among households and businesses alike. Panasonic has had a vast catalog of communications systems that has not only kept up with technology, they look amazing too. Panasonic recently teamed up with Metaswitch Networks to unveil its latest SIP based telephones models including the KX-TGP600, KX-HDV330, KX-HDV230 and KX-HDV130. The MSRP price points on these models are very affordable which makes these phones even more attractive to installers like myself and my customers.

Panasonic Introduces KX-NS1000 and the KX-NS700.

Panasonic Communications Servers
Panasonic Business Telephone System

Panasonic hasn't discontinued the TVA-50 or the TDA-50 Telephone system and its external voice mail yet , but when they do the replacement for them is the models KX-NS1000 and the KX-NS700. With IP and digital telephone extensions reaching over 600 end points, 256 ip trunks, they fit the needs of a huge demographic of customer from the mom and pop retail establishment to fortune 500 companies with hundreds of employees and offices through out the world. Price points on these telephone systems is very affordable and with the use of SIP trunkling the cost of running them is also very low, in some cases as low as .019 cents PR minute. The units have the Panasonic manufactures 2 year warranty and in my experience they bend over backwards getting their communications customers back up and running again. However I have only one time personally experienced a Panasonic going down in warranty and it was the power supply that went out and the customer who had not wanted to spend the extra money on a UPC for the unit.

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