Phone System Repair

This was a telephone system repair, service call, to fix this Nortel Modular ICS Phone System.

Nortel Telephone System Repair


The lines ring,have dial tone at the block, and I can dial out bound with my test set, but, none of the system phones will dial out. Calls come in but the system phones do not dial out and lines five and six are gone. It really was pretty simple. The system lost power and when it came back up the lines had defaulted to Pulse instead of Touch Tone among other things. It happens

Meridian System Repair


Meridian telephone system repair

Here's a Meridian System I had a service call to repair. The light was out, the customer tried to reboot it, then called me

Meridian System Repair

Another Meridian / Nortel repair in less than a month. This unit the power was lost and when the system came back up no body could dial out

Meridian telephone system repair

I think I have made mention of this before on this site.

Telephone System Repair
in August 2017

Telephone systems should have a UPS. Just like your computer or TV set that should at least have a power strip breaker with a high jewel rating to protect it from a surge. This Nortel ICS was lucky all it needed was some reprogramming, and not a major repair like a power supply or a back board replaced

Nortel Modular ICS Features

  • Line Pooling
  • Conference Calling
  • Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Exclusive Hold
  • Priority line
  • Background Music
  • Music Over Page
  • Overhead Paging
  • IVR
  • Branch to Branch
  • Desk Top Messaging
  • Complex Call Centers

Nortel, Meridian, Pretty Much The Same. Sept 2017

This Meridian has no reset button or switch. There is a fuse under the cover. Its a little tricky to remove but it does come off. I jumped the fuse with my needle nose pliers but it wouldn't come on. I even tried jumping a few resisters but it was dead and it just wasn't obvious what had burned upon on the board or I would have at least been able to solder a new one on at least for a temporary fix. All I could do in this situation was jump the lines to an analog phone and order a system. Had it been a bigger company with more phones and lines I would have driven to a supplier for the system, but, call volume was low and as long as they could communicate better pricing was more important than the new system. One benefit to the system replacement is when the original system was installed Caller ID wasn't a great option as the caller ID Cards back them cost about a thousand dollars compared to $125.00 today. The CICS with version seven software is a breeze to program too

Meridian, Repair Oct 2017

Wioth this model of Nortel / Meridian there is a lithium ion battery on the board like in a computer only this one is soldered to the board. I have tried to carefully solder a battery back to the boad I dsont know how many times but it always gets hot and explodes. I had one almost stay, it took about thirty seconds after I removed the iron and to by supprise, boom, gonzo, so,.,.no sense waisting any more time trying that. Just buy a ups or a new system or both

Nortel Programming

Like many telephone systems Nortel phone systems can be programmed with a PC. Most choose to do it through the hand set

Nortel Voice Mail

The Nortel Voice Mail can be programmed via PC too but is really quite easy to program via handset using extension 21, 221or the first extension. The first extension number and how many digits it is all determined when the initial programming is done


Meridian Replacement

Nortel CICS repair

Like I said, Meridian, Nortel, pretty much the same. I replaced the unit with this Nortel Compact ICS or CICS.

Nortel CICS repair

After adding a ups (Uninterupted Power Supplu) to the system all the programming needs to be done as if it was a brand new system. Touch Tone Or Pulse dialing is the big one, hot keys to other extensions, speed dials, Paging and so on.

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