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We can run a single Ethernet jack or cable your entire network. We use quality Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber when we cable your network.

Installing Ethernet Jack Los Angeles


Every detail of your network will be thought of and implemented with your growth and expansion taken in to consideration as well as your needs for today. Your network will perform as expected today and far into the future.

Repairing Gigabit Ethernet



Ethernet Cabling

We have pulled miles of Ethernet cabling in Los Angeles for all kinds of businesses and people. We network restaurants POS systems and office computers, Entertainment companies VoIP with 60 gigs to each workstation or a CPA with a DSL Modem, 3 desks and 2 telephone lines. No network is too sophisticated or simple for us, we always do quality work with our customers needs first in mind. We provide

  • Ethernet Cabling Cat5e Cat6
  • Fiber, Media Converters
  • Patch Panels, Racks & Lead Pipes
  • T1, Ethernet Over Copper, Cable Modems, Line of Sight
  • POE Switches, Gigabit, 10Gig LAN and More
  • Network Expansion, Single or Multiple Drops
  • WIFI Access Points
  • VoIP Phones
  • IP Cameras
  • Redundancy
  • Runs over 1000 Feet

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Not all networks are the same. Just because you have a network that looks nice doesn’t mean its performing up to its potential. There are many grades of Ethernet Cable. 100 MHz cat5e has much less wire than 350 MHz. Less wire means less twist and the twist is what develops the higher speeds. Cat6 runs at 550 to 650 MHz because it has 1 extra twist PR inch than cat5e. That one extra twist allows the wire to perform at 10 gig Ethernet compared to cat5e at a single gig. So, if it’s the twist that is responsible for the speed, what do you think happens when your installer doesn’t know to keep the twist as tight to the pin as possible. Do yourself a favor and get what you pay for.

Network Moves

If your moving your company you have come to the right place. We can cable the new office Install Lead pipes, Racks, Patch Panels. >We can run single or double Ethernet jacks to each work station, depending on your needs.


There was a time when VoIP was right for very few. Rates have become extremely affordable and equipment cost of ownership has come down so much the last couple years that traditional phone systems are much more expensive than VoIP. Ask for a consultation today

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Telephone System Repair .Com servicing Los Angeles for over 25 years. We Install, repair Telephone systems, Door and Gate Intercoms, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Cameras.

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Quality of service is our number one focus. Following through with a set of divers skills developed over years of work experience and continuing education is what we bring to the table . Our customers have grown accustom to the superior workmanship we provide. Telephone System Repair .Com is the last Telecommunications company you will put in your contact list .

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