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Repair installation and Labor Warranty We feel that it is very important for our customers to understand all warranty service and policies. A good understanding of what both parties will be responsible for will prevent any misunderstandings in the future should you have a problem with your equipment. We provide a warranty on all our labor to be free of defecates for 2 years. This does not cover damage due to customer neglect or misuse, using the product beyond its specified duty cycle or operating environment..

As an authorized reseller for the products that we sell, please be assured we will honor the full scope of the manufacturer’s limited warranties, as stated by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, most customers do not read or understand the manufacturer's limited warranty or software limited warranty. For all manufacturers, their warranties will repair products that have failed during the warranty period due to a manufacturer defect. This does not cover damage due to customer neglect or misuse, using the product beyond its specified duty cycle or operating environment,. Many manufacturers are now requiring that certain parts and repairs be performed by the consumer. The manufacturer is covering the part under warranty and is requiring that it be installed and/or replaced by the consumer. This means if you wish TelephoneSystemRepair.Com (or any other service center) to perform that specific repair, the manufacturer will reimburse TelephoneSystemRepair.Com for the parts required to complete the repair, but will not reimburse us for our labor to install them. Since TelephoneSystemRepair.Com does not receive any labor reimbursement from the manufacturers for these specific repairs, TelephoneSystemRepair.Com is left with no other option other than to charge our standard labor rate for these repairs. TelephoneSystemRepair.Com currently charges $60 per hour for in-house repairs and $80 per hour for on-site repairs..

The warranty repairs we perform cover just the hardware portion of your product.

If your repair requires the hard drive to be replaced, it will be replaced, but it will be the responsibility of the consumer to reinstall the Operating System and any additional drivers, software applications, etc., unless you’ve specifically requested that we do so. This service can be provided by TelephoneSystemRepair.Com at our standard labor rates. Manufacturers also do not reimburse TelephoneSystemRepair.Com for any diagnostic time, nor do they reimburse us any type of labor if we are unable to reproduce a reported problem. Even getting a case number from the manufacturer does not guarantee that all parts and labor will be covered under warranty; it only provides us a reference to see what troubleshooting was attempted by their technical support staff. For this reason, TelephoneSystemRepair.Com needs to collect the diagnostic deposit of $85 up front. This diagnostic fee is not deposited until it is determined that the repair does not have a labor reimbursement. If it is determined that your product repair covers both parts and labor, then your deposit will be refunded when you pick up your product. TelephoneSystemRepair.Com is not responsible, in any way, for lost data, software data files, software program files, lost income or any other consequential or incidental damages or costs resulting from defective equipment or software..

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Telephone System Repair .Com servicing Los Angeles for over 25 years. We Install, repair Telephone systems, Door and Gate Intercoms, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Cameras.

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