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One of the first things I look for when repairing a VoIP Phone System with Jitter Issues is the back bone. What kind of supporting equipment is there on the phone network and is voice being mixed with data and how much

Toshiba Telephone System Repair


Are the PCs and Mac's Plugged into the back of the phone, or is there a data drop for both. A cheesy low quality switch is usually the problem.

VoIP Telephone System TroubleShooting
in Oct 2017

This VoIP set up was doomed from the beginning. The computers were plugged into the back of the phones and the switch wasn't capable of VLan or prioritising the VoIP traffic over the data. VoiIP does not chew up a lot of bandwidth. About 96 kbps pr , however, the Voice traffic needs to travel in real time usually UDP not TCP. So one way of accomplishing this is to set up VLans for the phones and other traffic. I usually create a VLan for phones, computers and network printers and appliances. Four vlans in all, leaving the original base VLan to do nothing at all so as to not make it easy for hackers to find anything on the network to get into. Its more difficult to go from the base VLan to trying to figure out what I named the other three VLans and getting the subnet correct. If your a customer reading this I've probably lost you at UDP vs TCP but I've tried to0 keep it as simple as I can without making my peers who may read this think I'm dim.


VoIP Wiring Repair

Another main problem with a VoIP telephone system that alot of techs overlook is the cabling, all the way down to the patch cables. Using CAT6 is always the best thing to start with just so there is no question, is it my cable or not my cable.

There are arrows on the pics above. Use them to see my solution. This is another reason to use a more sophisticated switch like the HP ProCurve PoE switches I love so dearly. They have built in error correction and will tell you what may be the possible problems down to a bad patch cable or jack


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