Phone System Repair

Phone system repair service call for a Toshiba Strata with line issues. A couple dead lines and some intermittent static on another

Toshiba Telephone System Repair


Toshiba Phone systems are a dependable, robust office phone system that should give you years of service. This system however has in a factory environment with metal dust and humidity off the charts

Telephone System Repair
in Sept 2017

This phone system wasn't the problem at all. it was the 66 blocks that all the wiring punches down on to make the connections. A good twenty years of a humid factory environment reaped havoc on the 66 blocks to the point they had to be replaced. Fortunately I can wire a block in less then a half an hour. After repairing the 66 blocks the system was back to its usual workhorse self and probably another twenty years before that needs to be done again

Toshiba Strata Features

  • Priority line
  • Conference Calling
  • IVR
  • Exclusive Hold
  • Line Pooling
  • Background Music
  • Music Over Page
  • Overhead Paging
  • Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Branch to Branch
  • Caller ID

Toshiba Programming

Toshibas are programmed by the second extension. Most Business Telephone Systems are programmed by the first one but not Toshiba

There is Also a PC program for system admin but I find it useful to use a combination of both PC and handset programming


Toshiba Call Manager

Unified Communications and Toshiba call manager is a desktop application that can make a call at the click of a mouse and a available for digital phones as well as IP phones

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